Bernie's Socialism


Which dictators does Bernie Sanders support? You might be surprised...


The Democrat frontrunner has voiced support for many dictators over the years. Find out how many each one has killed. 



The only living dictator Bernie Sanders refuses to condemn, Nicolas Maduro has directly killed over 7,000 of his people that dissent. Many more deaths are reported from indirect causes such as hunger, violence, and trying to escape the country. Bernie Sanders claims "there are still democratic operations happening in that country."



Inspired by the likes of the Soviet Russians, Cuba had a communist revolution that killed over 50,000 Cubans when the Castro family took over. Bernie Sanders has praised Fidel Castro many times, claiming "teaching people to read and write is a good thing" in reference to literacy programs that the tyrant started. Nevermind the firing squads, Mr. Sanders...



Many revolutions across the globe have been inspired by the communist uprising in what would become the USSR. 20,000,000 people have been reported killed at the hands of dictator Joseph Stalin, but the numbers could be as high as 60,000,000. Bernie Sanders had his honeymoon in the USSR and has blamed the United States foreign policy on the Soviet's woes. 


Communist China

No communist country has killed more people than Mao's China. Over 40,000,000 Chinese have been killed by the authoritarian regimes, and continue to be oppressed to this day. Bernie Sander's comments? He says more Chinese have been pulled out of poverty than any other time in history. More have also been killed than any other country in history.

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