Episode 36 - Gina Swoboda

On episode 36 of the First Right podcast, Doug talks to Arizona election expert Gina Swoboda about Maricopa County vote audit. Gina is Executive Director of the Voter Reference Foundation.

Episode 35 - Jessica Anderson

This week on the First Right podcast, Doug talks about election reform with Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson.

Episode 34 - Dan O'Donnell

Doug talks to Wisconsin talk show host Dan O'Donnell about his recent investigation of shady election practices in Wisconsin.

First Right Podcast Clips Playlist

The First Right Podcast is a weekly conservative news show hosted by Doug Truax, Founder and President of Restoration PAC. We've compiled clips from our most recent podcasts into an easily digestible playlist for you to enjoy.

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Episode 32 - Ken Cuccinelli

On this week's episode of the First Right podcast, Doug talks to prominent conservative and President Trump's Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli. Doug and Ken discuss election reform efforts in Washington, specifically the dangers of S. 1, and the border chaos created by the Biden administration.

Episode 30 - Julie Kelly

On the latest episode of the First Right podcast, Doug welcomes back conservative columnist Julie Kelly. Doug talks with Julie about her new reporting on the Capitol riot that our corporate media wouldn't do and also how Florida has emerged as the freedom state.

Episode 26 - Jeff Carter

Watch our podcast with Jeff Carter.

Episode 14 - Svetlana Lokhova

Watch our podcast with Svetlana Lokhova!

Episode 13 - Scott Walker

Watch our podcast with Scott Walker!

Episode 12 - Lee Smith

Watch our podcast with Lee Smith!